The Malawi Fairtrade Network is the umbrella body for Fairtrade certified producers and processors. Formed in 2008, main objective of the network is to promote and protect interests of Fairtrade in Malawi by:

  • Being the voice of Fairtrade in Malawi
  • Leading advocacy, lobbying and negotiating activities
  • Organizing and participating in trade promotion activities
  • Organizing capacity building and skills development programmes for members


The network functions as an independent legal entity with structure, constitution and procedures consistent with Fairtrade Africa-Southern Africa Network and Fairtrade Africa’s constitution, and provides a framework for mutual accountability regarding payment of fees and other financial issues, governance of the organization and the use of registered names, marks and logos.

  • The Network is a voluntary, democratic, non-partisan, autonomous and non-governmental organization whose policies are determined by the membership and whose leadership is accountable to the members in terms of the procedures laid down in the constitution.
  • While striving for the maximum unity of purpose and functioning, the Network represents the divergence of its members.
  • The Network supports emancipation of women, ensures that their voice is fully heard in the organization and that women are properly represented at all levels.
  • The principles of free speech and full circulation of ideas and information operate within the Network.
  • The Network is a legal person with perpetual succession and power apart from its individual members to acquire and obtain property, enter in to agreements and do all things necessary to carry out its aims and objectives and defend its members, property and reputation.
  • The Network establishes, develops and maintains fraternal relations with formations regionally, nationally and internationally.


The objectives of the Malawi Fairtrade Network are to operate exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes and include the following:

  1. To promote cooperation amongst small producers, workers and organizations in Malawi that are currently certified by Fairtrade International or producers of products that are fairly traded, but not currently certified by Fairtrade International, and promote cooperation between them and the Fairtrade International registered organizations and other parties that have interest in the promotion of the Fair Trade values amongst smallholders, workers, smallholder and hired labour producer organizations, Premium Committees, joint bodies, producer groups, trades unions, exporters, traders, manufacturers and consumers.
  2. To be recognized as a catalyst for fairness in trade for economically disadvantages and marginalized groups.
  3. To position Fairtrade as a tool for sustainable poverty reduction in Malawi through improved livelihoods.
  4. To promote the values of Fairtrade, and represent the interest of members, Fairtrade certified producers groups, Fairtrade International and the Fair Trade movement in general.
  5. To create and promote opportunities for producers and workers through Fair Trade;
  6. To advocate appropriate policies relating to Fairtrade practices and processes;
  7. To influence and engage change in mindset of local and global buyers towards equitable Fairtrade practices through empowerment of producers with relevant or appropriate market information.
  8. To develop an efficient and sustainable network for exchanging information and education and facilitate training for people\organizations in Malawi, and beyond, who share commitment to the principles and ideals of Fairtrade
  9. To be a hub through which information is shared;
  10. To facilitate Fairtrade through certification;
  11. To develop the market for Fairtrade certified products in Malawi and to engage in the promotion of production, processing, consumption and export of high quality products destined for all Fair Trade markets globally.
  12. To collaborate with relevant local and international institutions in the harmonization of standards and procedures that enhance Fair Trade values;
  13. To provide information, advice and contribute to sound decision making so as to assist Fairtrade Intnerational to take correct decisions to enhance the welfare of the members, and to liaise with any organizations on matters relating to the promotion of Fair Trade and to facilitate joint activities where considered appropriate.
  14. To encourage sound business and professional practice, stimulate awareness of environmental and social-economic issues related to the members and facilitate the provision of where possible, technical advice consultation services and any other services as may be incidental in the furtherance of the principal objects of the Fairtrade Malawi Network.
  15. To manage or coordinate any projects or programs aimed at the development or promotion of the Network and Fair Trade in general and to borrow or raise money to carry out these objectives which shall be applied for that purpose, as determined by the Fairtrade Network Board.